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Brand new bitcoin miner controller Baikal  announced newest fully customized controller for bitcoin mining. This is universal scalable solution for managing bitcoin farms. By the way, controller uses open sourced hardware and software design, that gives to users fully customized solution for mining.
Universal miner controller Baikal

UMC Baikal

Samples available after December 2014.

People uses few types devices, that could be controller for miner such as, Raspberry Pi model B or CubieBoard A10.

Raspberry Pi model B

Raspberry Pi model B

Details of Raspberry Pi model B:

  • linux-based ;
  • high perfomance 700MHz ARM11 CPU with 512MB DDR RAM for various versions;
  • OS loaded from connected SD-card;
  • cgminer and bfgminer ported to this device;
  • 1 10/100Mb Ethernet port;
  • 1 UART port;
  • 1 SPI port;
  • 2 Host USB;
  • 5V/0,7A power supply;
  • Size 86*54*17mm;
  • Price 35USD.

CubieBoard A10

There are many version’s of CubieBoard, details of CubieBoard A10:

  • linux-based;
  • high performance 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A8 A10 CPU with 1GB DDR3 RAM;
  • OS loaded from internal NAND Flash memory with total size 4GB;
  • 1 microSD port;
  • cgminer and bfgminer ported to this device;
  • 1 10/100Mb Ethernet port;
  • 2 UART port;
  • 1 SPI port;
  • 2 Host USB;
  • 5V/2A power supply;
  • Size 60*100mm.CubieBoard A10;
  • Price 49USD.

These above mentioned mini-computers and newest versions are widely prevalent in the bitcoin mining industry. There are main reasons:

  • easy to buy;
  • open sourced sowtware;
  • cgminer and bfgminer ported to this devices;
  • possible to use with various miners.

But also there are some troubles:

  • 5V power supply — it’s need additional 220V/5V PSU and 220V connector;
  • UART and SPI port don’t have internal buffers — it’s easy to damage;
  • need additioanl SD-card;
  • sometimes SD-card unconnected and recieve damage;
  • not easy to intergrate mini-computer into housing of miner.

All its eans that need to use additional hardware to build full miner’s hardware. Its usually means increasing of price and hard returning of investments.

Our company have good experience in Bitcoin hardware development and now we start samples production of new universal bitcoin miner controller Baikal.

UMC Baikal

Main advantage for this device:

  • linux-based;
  • high perfomance 360MHz MIPS CPU with 32MB SDRAM (samples);
  • OS loaded from internal Flash memory;
  • cgminer and bfgminer ported to this device;
  • 1 10/100Mb Ethernet port;
  • 150Mb WiFi;
  • 2 UART port with buffers and EMS protection;
  • 1 SPI port with buffers and EMS protection;
  • 1 Host USB;
  • 6 fan connectors with supporting RPM sensing and control up to 10A total current;
  • temperature controling function;
  • 12-24V/1A wide power supply;
  • 2 ATX PCI-e power supply connectors;
  • support 2 PSU operation with reservation;
  • open sourced hardware;
  • device can be easily integrated into the housing of miner;
  • support Remote Bitcoin Mining Management by WEB-interface;
  • Size 60*100*17mm;
  • Price 29USD.

UMC Baikal

List of supported miners same as for cgminer and bfgminer.

Samples will be ready after December 2014.

For samples request please write to

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