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How online gaming industry could make bitcoin the global currency

We are not conclude that bitcoin will substitute all other kinds of online money. We just thinking what is easier for game developers: to make money system from scratch or integrate existing system. And bitcoin (or maybe other cryptocurrency) looks like simplest way to integrate payment system.


Doesn’t matter will it be kind of PokerStars or multi-dimensional online strategy — bitcoin could be suitable in these cases.

Many, if not most of bitcoin users are worrying about bitcoin price volatility. Obviously, as more predictable and smooth bitcoin price, as higher involvement of it in real economy processes. And here we have few «if’s» and «but». Online game economies aren’t part of real economies, and its economies less dependent of US Dollar.

Traditionally, the biggest «if» is security. Game developers supposed make huge efforts to protect themselves and game environment from hacking attacks and fix all vulnerabilities.